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Original Name: Zootopia

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation

Release Date: 4 March 2016


Cast: ,


The biggest flaw in Zootopia is that it tries to be a family film, with an underlying theme of racism and prejudice beneath the surface. The problem is, the film lacks a sense of subtlety. This means that the film tries to have its carrot and eat it, giving a lack of focus and a less-than-great performance in each of the areas. The film would have gone better if it had a sense of subtlety but prefers to heighten the mystery just enough to go over kids heads. Another animated movie about the personification of animals, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” managed to nail the balance by using the characters and the theme to build off each other.

The main character’s in Zootopia, a rabbit named Judy Hopps and a fox named Nick Wilde, were the only properly fleshed out characters in the movie. While this makes sense for a buddy-cop film (like this movie is, whether you like it or not) it does not work when you are trying to build a universe, which arguably is one of this film’s biggest priorities. Though the chemistry (no pun intended) between the protagonists is quite charming, the other characters are animal-themed cardboard cutouts of what you’ve already seen before. This film could have been more ambitious with its ideas and message, however it chooses to focus on its main priorities, almost like a movie check-list that needs to be completed.

The story, like the character’s, and unfortunately quite cliched and mediocre, which is a real shame as I find the setting quite interesting and creative. It makes sense that this would be the case, however like the characters, it too would have benefited in being more interesting and ambitious. The progression is just what you’d expect from a film of the buddy-cop variety and the editing is just fine, though the twist at the end, which I’m not going to spoil, can be seen from a mile off. Zootopia is a fine, if conventional, animated movie that unfortunately tries a little too hard to be something it’s not. Despite all the criticism’s I’ve given it, it still has all the infectious Disney charm that we’ve come to know and love. Though the characters and story is somewhat cliched, it is built upon and built upon quite well. Kids are gonna love it anyway and adults will probably still enjoy it.