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World War Z 2

Original Name: World War Z 2

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 9 June 2017


Cast: ,


World War Z 2 can go in a completely different direction; Z2 World War hit the reset button on the series? We wonder where we are headed as a sequel to action movie directed by Brad Pitt zombie hits theaters in 2016, and now screenwriter of the film revealed some interesting data. Well, it is not so “small”, with regard to the wording means that we could be looking at a completely different direction than originally thought. Speaking with Thompson in Hollywood during a recent interview, Steve Knight, who wrote the treatment of World War Z 2 demonstrated that the production is not necessarily going to take back what Gerry Pitt left lane after the first film. Knight said, when asked about the project, World War Z has seen a zombie plague decimates the population of the world, including major cities, have fallen under the hordes of super-zombies. In an attempt to find the cause of the disease, lane traveled the world, but cannot find a cure. SPOILER ALERT: The best he could muster was a way to mask the non-non-infected dead – but further research.