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We Are Your Friends

Original Name: We Are Your Friends

Genre: Drama, Music

Release Date: 28 August 2015


Cast: , ,


Though We Are Your Friends is not a good feature, it’s still entertaining as it’s easy to get lost in the great music and trippy visuals. Efron isn’t a leading man nor is Ratajkowski, so it’s Bentley that ends up with the most memorable role, despite his apparent dementia in giving Cole chance after chance. It’s a shame the Stanford student is reduced to arm candy. The movie isn’t good, but it manages to look good, and will trick you into having a good time nonetheless. Despite it’s off putting title, this is a really good flick. If you’re someone whose ever been into the rave music scene you will appreciate. If you’re an aspiring artist struggling with “life” choices, you will appreciate it. Zac Efron always surprises me with his ability to convey deep seated emotions and he makes you feel them too. The cast was well chosen. The art direction was satisfying for my taste. The film is accurately depicts the way life goes and I guess makes you feel so not alone. I am not sure, now, what the title was trying to communicate…now I’m wondering. I really liked the flick. I didn’t have high expectations going into it. But it was one of the better films I’ve scene this year in terms of honesty, acting and film style. I hope more people give it a shot.