Warcraft Online Free - Megashare


Original Name: WarCraft

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation

Release Date: 10 June 2016


Cast: , ,


Warcraft movie is really oriented toward Warcraft fans, which is fantastic. It took guts to make a movie ‘for the fans’ knowing it might tank because of that decision. Every movie doesn’t have to be for everyone. This movie is ambitious, it is visually great and the action is commendable, but these aspects don’t make up for a confusing narrative and often slow pace to newcomers of the franchise. If you loved the game and know the lore, this movie is for you. If not then maybe it won’t be. The movie doesn’t really expand in the beginning. There could have been more ‘fluff’ added to the storyline (me personally a longer movie is better) just so that you can get a feel of what’s happening. Instead, they just throw you into the world. But overall, the graphics, the amount of detail, the fighting and also the animations boost this score up from 4/5 stars to 5/5 stars. Well, Travis Fimmel boosted the score up as well because he is a great actor in the TV show Vikings as well… so it’s a win-win situation when watching the movie.