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Visions 2015

Original Name: Visions

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release Date: 2016


Cast: , ,


The film Visions 2015 shows a pregnant woman moves with her husband David to a vineyard to have peace and be able to process a car accident in which she was involved. Soon she heard disturbing noises and has gruesome visions. Although her doctor tries to calm her down by suspected stress related after-effects of the accident no longer believes the troubled woman soon to a medical cause of the phenomena. Leave the hectic life of the city, in a quiet, goes the young mother-to-be Julia isolated she teased her husband David to count the most beautiful winery home of strange sights and sounds sinister hooded figure. No one sees or hears these hallucinations, and even David, lives and grows more than ever fear for their wives the subject expert. Desperate to prove his intelligence, Julia seek the length of the area is frequented reveals generosity currently living details. How to cut a desperate combined savings of activities horror lasting effect, Julia discovers an evil plan to put energy and effort to her unborn in Riska thriller them? Not really. Yes, it is certain that any supernatural content. But there is an exciting mg and abuse, stress, etc. “It was scary. Not nice, maintained by a series of perspectives prejudices. Y falls undoubtedly the wave. Gizelle Asha M Skillfully acted, it is greatly reduced, and happily gave forgiveness CGI effortlessly beautiful moments. In the end it’s worth it. This is not to reinvent the wheel by any means, but there is no need for this type of voltage. Staci Lynn Wilson. Visions is ultimately a decent horror film after a few mistakes along the imagination. Results tilt value and subsequent operations, and then the perfect setting of Visions 2015as the characters find themselves in the media. Marcus faces