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Victor Frankenstein

Original Name: Victor Frankenstein

Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 2 October 2015


Cast: , ,


Victor Frankenstein is the story about the two men behind the legendary monster. Victor and Igor’s bromance is fantastic, but a good Frankenstein movie should probably focus more on the monster. Frankenstein doesn’t add anything new to the 2 centuries-old tale, and with so many adaptations, it’s hard not to compare. James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe do the best with what they have, but what they have is a re-imagining with out much imagination. Fairly ridiculous, bit a lot of fun. Has little resemblance to either the book or the old Hammer Horror movies, but has lots of fun little nods to both. McAvoy is delightfully over the top, playing Victor as spitting mad, often quite literally. Radcliffe’s Igor is the heart of the piece, and Radcliffe even does a decent job emoting a bit in this film. Andrew Scott plays an interesting detective with religious mania and even Lady Sybil makes an appearance. the pace is a bit frenetic, which many reviews seemed to see as a bad thing, but this sort of movie is more popcorn than not, and I thought the energy was well played and certainly kept the movie from being boring. Entertaining, and while it’s not a movie I’d watch over and over, I’d definitely be willing to give it another go.