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Uncaged 2016

Original Name: Uncaged

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release Date: 2 February 2016


Cast: , ,


Be like a child after a terrible tragedy, and rose Jack along with his cousin and best friend, Brandon. For eighteen years, but direct links without incident takes someone else’s position for now and teased in a hurry through a series of sleep Ghraib repeated awakening episodes.After going on in the woods by the time I do not remember the night to return, and tied Jacques camera itself to document their behavior and find true shock: the receiver is accidentally unappetizing heritage cruelty, slaughter, and the fear of death is inevitable can escape without help! Uncaged is the second horror film Wolf were seen today. There he was Howl literary dialogue the child and wanted to support us with a very bad experience, Uncaged forward. The film focuses on the goal of the young Jack Luskey. He pointed to as a child when he killed his mother and father, is the same at a later time. Jack rose to one side of his cousin, Brandon. The film gives us the 18th birthday and behaviors that occur during the same. The first company that happens is that he is asleep and waking up to get naked in the middle of nowhere. Jack wants to know what is going to borrow a camera to photograph friends in the area. Uncaged has some advantages in your favor, try it and will consider in a later version of a boom for us to talk about the movie objector, now that I have met a small domestic werewolf. Therefore, the downside is that the scenario is a teenager.