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UFO: It Is Here

Original Name: UFO: It Is Here

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 28 October 2016


Cast: , ,


Five film students are working on their final project and are disturbed by a peculiar observation. In the sky a gigantic fire ball makes itself felt, which puts it before riddles. The youngsters assume that it has to be a meteor and want to take the chance to film impressions of the impact location. Shortly they set off for the crater. In a piece of forest, they discover a clearing of desolation: trees are burnt, the ground is torn. But they can not film anymore, it’s too dark. They move the shooting to the next morning and hit their nightclub. But tomorrow brings horror. A student is missing and his fellow students do not have to look long until they meet a blood spur and his tattered corpse. To get away from the disaster, they set off on their car. But instead of leaving the forest behind, they get deeper and deeper into the thicket. Suddenly, the group feels that she is not alone.