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Twin Peaks 2017

Original Name: Twin Peaks

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Release Date: 2017


Cast: , ,


October 18, Mark Frost reveals the secret history of Twin Peaks, a novel that will explain the secret history of the mysterious city of Washington. Mark Frost co-created the television series and is a writer in his own right, so it’s definitely something to look forward to. Frost really has not said much about the content or subject of the novel. Amazon calls “much more levels, throughout history as the mysteries of the iconic city students so excited from the original series, and fans of the upcoming Showtime series PREP about deepens it.” So yes, the next book of Twin Peaks will definitely be spoilerific for next season, or at least will lay the foundation for the long-awaited recovery. As for the details, we finally got a little “info-dump, but you have to be afraid if you’re worried about spoilers. With fan site, Welcome to Twin Peaks, the French publisher of the book leaked some juicy tidbits: The book revolves around a box full of clippings Twin Peaks, and the beginning of the FBI to review what happened 25 years and what happened to the agent Dale Cooper. It is logical that the period before 2017 Twin Peaks Twin Peaks, starting the FBI to investigate again. The show will surely revolve around the disappearance Cooper and hopefully back. The novel is clearly going to make it. The secret history of Twin Peaks will be held on October 18 and is expected to Twin Peaks in 2017 for the first on Showtime in the spring of 2017.