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Transition of Power: The Presidency

Original Name: Transition of Power: The Presidency

Genre: Documentary, History

Release Date: 8 January 2017




As we approach the end of the government of Barack Obama, the History Channel and take a deeper look at the offer date of the presidential transition of power appearance: a two-hour original own presidency. Special features rare footage and interviews with presidential historian and a high level of operations that shed light on the transition staff. This information process and include safety, and the election of the Council of Ministers and the transfer of nuclear “football” bag with instructions and laws to allow for a nuclear attack, while you are away from the designated command centers. The transition of power also reveal the challenges of this task, because it is due to the historical transitions between the President of the United States. Some of the leading complications of transmission of the transfer in 2000 Gore / Bush and their impact on 9/11 tapes released White House involvement, Richard Nixon with Vietnam, and sudden death of Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II crisis. Rare photographs of Jimmy Carter’s efforts to liberate the American hostages in Iran.