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Original Name: Tomorrowland

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery

Release Date: 22 May 2015


Cast: , ,


A nice little surprise after all of the negative things I read and heard about Tomorrowland. I think it may have let people down due to its marketing. George Clooney is all over the marketing, but he’s more of a supporting character and the the two leads are two unknown girls. Athena and Casey are solid characters, and the actresses playing them do a really good job. The first half of the film belongs to them, and they support it admiringly. Clooney gives a solid supporting performance (mostly in the 2nd half). Another problem people seemed to have was that Tomorrowland became too preachy/MESSAGE driven. That wasn’t a problem for me, I didn’t feel it was too overt and was fine with it taking a stance of sorts. At least it had some ideas behind it, unlike many big summer movies. While the script isn’t a slam dunk I think it mostly works, and I hope the movie’s failure doesn’t hurt Brad Bird’s career as it looks like John Carter did to Andrew Stanton (another box office bomb that was solid if unspectacular). John Carter is actually a good comparison for Tomorrowland, while I think Tomorrowland is at least slightly better, they are both summer blockbusters that bombed that aren’t nearly as bad (or bad at all) as their reputations.