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Titillation 1982

Original Name: Titillation

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 28 September 1982


Cast: , ,


Brenda works for weeks Felix Suitable Willy, an old businessman who owns a large brass bra. Felix has taken many researchers to find the woman he believes is ultimately quite plump to fit well. husband “Gallo” Brenda’s cheating on her with her new neighbor, while Brenda should try to hire the best private detectives spado Zappo and Pigeon Johnson. Brenda has her plump figure spado Zappo to achieve this objective. At the same time the woman tried to appear to Jerri, a woman who rejects his driver, which caused him to spike his drink and raping her. But when they try to get back, even when she falls asleep, the Pigeon Johnson look outside decided to go to run away. Brenda weeks pulls off to the house where she and “Rooster” to show that they have an open marriage by seducing his other close again and mellow in a trio. The suspicion of a system to break the detective in the office of Felix “next to a woman named Amanda. Spado Zappo let them wait, when the time Amanda seduces Pigeon Johnson. In the end it seems every character to be involved in their plan to get money to find the woman. Spado Zappo all of Jerri gunpoint and told to remove the top. Brass bra fit and she agreed to take immediate youngest rich Felix lovers.