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The Shallows

Original Name: The Shallows

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Release Date: 24 June 2016


Cast: , ,


Proper Perspective: 87 minutes of beautiful scenery and a pissed off a shark that may or may not be a realistic embodiment of an ocean stalker with an agenda. It isn’t Jaws, but also isn’t Deep Blue Sea. Or Shark Take. Or Sharknado. It is fun for what it was trying to achieve. Other than the obligatory shot of Blake Lively zipping up her wetsuit to her bra line and then pausing for effect, this movie was not about the “assets” as much as one would think. Here is the premise: Blake Lively needs to get away from her personal drama, she is also in medical school because the plot has to move forward with characters whose professions nudge it along, and while surfing on a “secret beach” she is attacked by a territorial shark. Then, 127 Hours in the water ensues. Livelily is fine in this role. It could have been brought more to life with a Brie Larson or Carey Mulligan or Imogen Poots, but Lively was fine. There is not a lot of dialog or character to sink your teeth into with this movie, so maybe that explains the casting. What pushes this movie along is the scenery, the shark, and the tension in moments. Nobody is winning an Oscar for The Shallows.