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The Secret Life of Pets

Original Name: The Secret Life of Pets

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Release Date: 8 July 2016

Director: ,

Cast: , ,


The Secret Life of Pets is a good movie. The story is very interesting and plan well, because at first, a group of animals are bad, they want to kill people, but at last they turn good, all the animals are good which give people a good memory. The music in the movie are also good, the animals are really match with the music, makes people feel excited to watch. The background in the movie also makes people feel true and warm. That’s why I really like this movie. The first five minutes of the film is essentially everything that is in the trailer. If you have seen the trailer, it sets up the film to be a sort of inside look at what happens at home when the owners leave for work. This premise doesn’t move too far past the first five minutes, before moving us in to something altogether different. Coming from the directors of Despicable Me, one can certainly find some similarities to what ultimately unfolds as a search and rescue tale. The Secret Life of Pets though moves through it’s plot with some low stakes in terms of villain or danger. Normally I would say this could be seen as a problem, but here it fits with the overly likeable vibe of the imagined world.

The animated New York landscape is stellar on the big screen, and there is a lot of great animation throughout the film. The characters manage to stand equally as tall here, but in a sort of understated way. The relationships that bind the film are rather spread out, and so we move from focusing on the human/dog relationship to the relationships between the dogs (male and female love story and the male buddy/buddy friendship story). Along with this we have the whole rejected pets and domesticated pets storyline, and then also the layered themes of what it means to have a home and a family. On paper it sounds like quite a lot, and on screen it actually is quite a lot to manage as well. But what manages to keep it all from unwinding in to chaos are some great voice work and some creative sequences.