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The Purge: Election Year

Original Name: The Purge: Election Year

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 1 July 2016


Cast: , ,


Although The Purge: Election Year is no where close to masterpiece. It is still offers enough trills throughout the movie to keep its audience. In my opinion it has a dark comedy. The reason being, they just overblow, in my opinion, what it would be like if there was a purge in real life. What I mean by this is, Spoilers: a priest and a bunch of rich white people making sacrifices at the end of the movie for God, deranged teenagers breaking into to a store to kill a man for him not letting them steal a candy bar. Most of the movie is sorta funny due to over the over the top things like this, and I think that is sorta what the purge election is aiming for. A satire on American life. Overall the purge election may be the best in the series, and this a good thriller. Election Year clearly chose style over substance but I believe that’s where its strength lies. Some of the scenes where the “purgers” are in purge mode are riveting to watch. The film features a very talented cast, especially a stunning performance by actress Brittany Mirabile as the lead school girl. Election Year was throughly enjoying. It picked up where Anarchy left off. Leo Barnes is now Head of Security for a Senator trying to rid the World of the yearly Purge. The NFFA has other plans though and plots to take down ambitious senator. Someone from the Senators team is working for the NFFA and has left the Senator vulnerable. Now Sergeant Barnes and the Senator must flee to the dangerous streets in an attempt to wait out this horrifying night.