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The Piano Teacher

Original Name: The Piano Teacher

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 5 September 2001


Cast: , ,


Erika Kohut is a piano professor at the Vienna Conservatory. Although they are already slowly zuschreitet on the 40, it is still under the thumb of her mother and lives with her in a small rented apartment. After the death of the father is Erika and her mother even share the marital bed. Besides music, which occupies a large part of Erika’s private life, it is interested in the visit of video booths in sex shops and the maiming of her own body. She is unable to establish healthy relationships. On human closeness she reacts with anger and disgust, love her is alien until the low current student Walter Klemmer gets to know. As Erika’s social environment is determined by her mother, Walter, who also plays the piano, for the master class of Professor, to go near her bidding. After several fruitless attempts on the part of Walter’s intrusive approach, there is a first sexual interaction. Here it becomes clear that the ideas of the two about how a relationship can work, are very different. In a letter Erika Walter informs about their masochistic fantasies on.