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The Office

Original Name: The Office

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: 2001


Cast: , ,


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Barnett is director of the boiler is cool, deserted industrial town British paper merchant, I think the funny, the life of middle-class branch, and mockumentary on the most popular boss ever. He does not have. Whether it stop him from regularly embarrass themselves in front of the camera, his political preaching, stand-up “comedy” of his, or of his amazing dance is unique. On the other hand, has long suffered Tim is keen to engage accepted after dawn, his own unbearable, keep your sanity by playing a childish prank-obsessed friend Gareth studied at the same table in the army. Or Slough office is closed? I wonder if the BBC gives the game show David? Or Tim and Dawn will end up together? And more important, would he have Gareth Pratt understood desperate things?