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The Offence

Original Name: The Offence

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 1973


Cast: , ,


When the British detectives Johnson looks back on his now 29-year career with the police there is no crime that he has not already seen. Corpses, sexual offenses and murders the most diverse motives. At its current case the meticulous officials, the teeth biting and it stagnates in his investigation at he is about a series of rapes of children. As a little girl again deemed to be missing, which is found by a search party in a close lying sprawling forest, it turns out that she too is a victim of sexual abuse. As the traumatized child can give no evidence of the perpetrators and the witnesses make only nebulous statements Johnson continued groping in the dark. At the same time about a man named Kenneth Baxter is staggering picked up from the street and interrogated prophylactically. As this, however stubbornly silent Johnson loses his nerve.