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The Monkey King the Legend Begins

Original Name: The Monkey King the Legend Begins

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Date: 30 November 2016


Cast: , , , ,


Sequel to the Chinese box office hit The Monkey King, in which the history is told. The film is also known as The Monkey King 2. in 3D felt like a prequel rather than the real thing, dealing as it did with the genesis of Sun Wukong, aka Monkey, and culminating in his epic vandalism of heaven. With Donnie Yen in the title role and serving as action director, the film couldn’t decide whether to be a hardcore martial-arts film or a kiddie fantasy; it ended up being lousy at both, allowing gaudy CGI to swamp an already meh narrative. Considering what a low bar the original set, it’s not surprising that Cheang’s second go at the legend gets a few things right. After doing a little research on the Monkey King: The Legend Begins, I can not say definitively one way or another if it is a port of an arcade game or a new trial. I suspect that the first, but the jury is still out. In any case, this is a cute, fluffy, and a short detour for people like me who can remember the days when arcades were filled wall to wall with games like this.