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The Message

Original Name: The Message

Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama

Release Date: 8 July 1977


Cast: , ,


Director 1976 by the late Moustapha Accad, it has been a prominent message Anthony Quinn financing Arab fans Mohammed and Libyan leader Gaddafi. We have not seen the Muslims went agreements or heard in the movie prohibit any depiction of the Prophet Mohammad. Instead they chose to represent their presence Akkad after organ music fresh and sometimes framed in the film retreat Prophet Opinion monitor what their partners. It was filmed two versions depict an alternative in Arabic and English. The Syrian-born speaking at the time of which would clarify the message of the Islamic faith in the Western public. “I think there is something personal creature Muslims living in the West, and I felt it was my duty, my loyalty was to explain exactly Islam,” he said. “It is a religion that has 700 million, taking into account, however, and so little known, which surprised me. I thought I would be a dish that will play bridge this gap in the west.” Is a film about Islam has won more than fixed by the Congress of the Islamic Shiite Supreme in Lebanon. Controversy, however, the report in the US at a later time, and it was rumored that Quinn starred as Mohammed. In March 1977, looted it the 12 members of the Black Muslim organization three buildings in Washington, DC, where 149 people hostage and demands that the film will be destroyed. The infamous Hanafi Muslim siege led to the death of the police and the owner of a radio journalist, even if it saves Council and Mayor Marion Barry refined football. The hostages were released after a standoff lasted 39 hours.