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The Lovers

Original Name: The Lovers

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance

Release Date: 13 February 2015


Cast: , ,


2020 is the underwater archaeologist Jay Fennel (Josh Hartnett) in the Great Barrier Reef on a dangerous dive. His wife Laura (Tamsin Egerton) is caught in the deep, in a shipwreck. Jay wants to save, but this has an accident and falls into a coma. In a dream, he travels to 1778, to India. Just expanding the British East India Company from its power and a captain named James Stewart (Josh Hartnett), who looks like Jay is on a dangerous mission. He meets people who want to deceive him who have murder in mind, deception and revenge. But James love sich- in the Indian fighter Tulaja Naik (Bipasha Basu). Both come from different worlds, their love is considered to be impossible. James, however, puts everything on the line to be with Tulaja. The key is a certain ring, which has a special power.