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The Longest Week

Original Name: The Longest Week

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: 5 September 2014


Cast: , ,


The Longest Week is a comedy but these moments are obscured by waves of historical references clogged and clichés. The script is so shamelessly to the gate, there is a temptation to see The Longest Week satire, but then comes the obvious lines “Conrad has often been associated with the idea of something, and not the thing itself” and “There was one thing that made them incompatible … “it was a hopeless romantic and he was hopeless romantic!” In a tell-all stage, we have Dylan and his friend Beatrice, Jocelyn, opining in a game, the band had just seen. Dylan explains the game a satire in which Jocelyn said. “I did not know at all” Winks itself is all well and good, but this exchange theme is a little “too on the nose. It does not ring satirical; rings impatiently. The whole movie is writing boisterous, but heartless, how resources Glanz to occupy the heights leveraging intellectual cliché romantic tired and venues finger as proof of self-righteousness.