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The Lone Ranger

Original Name: The Lone Ranger

Genre: Action, Adventure, Western

Release Date: 3 July 2013


Cast: , ,


Those who, like Disney outputs rumored $250 million in a single film “Lone Ranger”, sets itself really under pressure – especially when these same mulch-helps-much-tactics in the previous year as well when expensive “John Carter” everything other than rose. At that time it was not the film – which was quite good – but the marketing did not work. In Disney’s latest quarter billion dollar string, the situation is now more complicated. On paper, the wild western Sause “Lone Ranger” is actually a potential super hit with the finest ingredients from the box-office delicatessen, a “four quadrant everybody movie” as it is called Disney’s US head of distribution Dave Hollis – something like panacea among the blockbusters so. But the account of the creative team of (so far) four-part “Pirates of the Caribbean” series superstar Johnny Depp, director Gore Verbinski and producer legend Jerry Bruckheimer, consisting of “Lone Ranger” a desolate genre mix and a kind of “Pirates In The Wild Wild West makes “does not go on. Although he succeeds in spite of some formulaic at laundrymen piecemeal, but this will not part out together to form a coherent entertainment cocktail.