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The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Original Name: The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Release Date: 26 January 1977


Cast: , ,


The 13 year old Rynn is pulled with her father from England to the United States and lived there with him in a house near a small town. Soon after the arrival of the father disappears and no longer appears prompting Rynn organized their daily lives independently. You must put up a fight that increasingly curious whether the girl is living alone against the pushy son of the landlord and his mother. When the landlady one day contrary to Rynn’s objections the basement of the house enters and makes a horrible discovery it is eliminated from Rynn. Rynn is now trying to eliminate the traces of their presence and meets the young Mario who soon comes behind her secrets and wants to help her. However, the pedophile son assessed the landlady became suspicious.