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The Legend of Tarzan

Original Name: The Legend of Tarzan

Genre: Adventure, Animation

Release Date: 1 July 2016


Cast: , ,


Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures action film “The Legend of Tarzan”, starring Alexander Skarsgård, as the legendary character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. What an amazing movie, the full scope of the movie was incredible-storyline, plot, acting, action, and most of all the cinematography. This is not the Tarzan movies that you grew up with. This is the coming of age Tarzan movie that is finally deserving of the big screen and all it entails. Alexander Skarsgard is great as A reluctant Tarzan, Margo Robbie is a scrappy and beautiful Jane. Christoph Waltz as the villain is fantastic, I hated the smarmy, arrogant, evil, Romm from beginning to end. Oh and we can’t forget Samuel L Jackson who is great as Dr. Williams, Tarzan’s sidekick from America. All in all this movie had it all a beautiful setting, a hero worth rooting for, a feisty damsel in distress, an uber-villain and a good story to tell. Very much worth seeing on the big screen. Portrayed as equals, Tarzan’s love and respect for the animals is so different from the days of wrestling and killing lions, crocs and other things with big scary teeth. His brief interaction with a herd of elephants is almost spiritual and the fact that he does not ride around on them shows the respect these magnificent creatures rightly deserve.