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The Jungle Book

Original Name: The Jungle Book

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Release Date: 15 April 2016


Cast: , ,


The Jungle Book expounds upon the 2d magic offered by Disney, while still offering some wonderful nostalgic tunes as “The Bare Necessities” and “I wanna be like you”. The graphic details of the jungle are phenomenal, with the soft affinitive colors alone allowing good 2 hour eye-candy for movie goers of any age. The music subtly adds to the goofyness, suspense, action, terror, heart-ache, triumph and majesty of the film. The camera work only draws attention to itself once (which is not pleasant) but is forgivable considering the surrounding aesthetics. Beautiful and fun, the music is amazing, great action, and good gags. Had my attention the whole time, a couple complaints are that it strayed from the original Disney cartoon a lot, I sort of wish they included more of the elephants and King Louie, and it could have been longer in time, as it was just that good!

The Jungle Book is easily the most remarkable film you have seen in years! One MUST see it in IMAX 3-D to really appreciate the artistry that went into this amazing production. Not just a rich visual experience either – the sound and score are just as incredible. The voiceover characters were great as well, especially Bill Murray. A family film for sure but not just. I can’t imagine 2016 will bring a superior experience. Kudos to Jon Favreau for a masterpiece; it is truly his “Avatar“. Unlike many other blockbusters, this epic adventure is a groundbreaking visual spectacle that doesn’t forget that it’s allowed to have a heart, and a brain as well. Jon Favreau directed this special effects marvel with a boyish hopefulness and outstanding sense of movie magic. Certainly the best movie I’ve seen so far this year.