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The Fourth Pyramid

Original Name: The Fourth Pyramid

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 5 July 2016


Cast: , ,


“The main pyramid, east and south of Giza, and there are four of them, deserve the most attention from curious. For if we believe that the last seven or eight close, nothing compared with the first, the two pyramids north of the largest five hundred feet in diameter. Two other smaller much smaller, but there are some details that look and admire. “is unlined, and closed just like the others, but not as the first temple. However, it has a special host for observation. That is, at the upper end of the large stone one, which seems to have served as a pedestal made the fourth pyramid more than half of Stone common granite blacker and just as hard. Summit is yellowish stone. I’ll tell anyone else in the upper part, which ends in a bucket. Moreover, outside the line of others, and most of the West thanks to a series with the three others. “