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The Finest Hours

Original Name: The Finest Hours

Genre: Drama, History, Thriller

Release Date: 29 January 2016


Cast: , ,


Terrific in IMAX 3D this yarn about the most daring, small boat rescue in US Coast Guard history is told in a very earnest, forthright fashion. The entire vibe of the film is old fashioned from the courting on a double date for a milkshake to the golly, shucks, yessir from the young to their elders. It was truly refreshing to hear and see respect for the elders wherein all the young men refer to their elders as mister, no yo bro! The film taxis from on shore where the vigil for the rescuerers is based, including the pot luck down at St. Martin’s, to the peril at sea. Capt Kirk, er Chris Pine aquits himself quite well as a young Coast Guardsman in 1952 New England. His bride to be is played by Holliday Grainger who is perfect for a 1950’s switch board operator. Her small pursed bright red lips and a take no nonsense assured attitude are a bit at odds with the mores of the 1950’s, but she’s gonna protect her man at all costs. The 3D effects are exceptionally well done with parts of a ship listing and breaking apart in the bowels below deck throwing equipment all over is done to maximum effect. Casey Affleck plays the suffer in silence main ship engineer who is drafted to form a plan to save what’s left of the crew after the tanker breaks in two. The crew is full of new and old sailors, characters and the requisite jerk, crew member Brown played by Michael Raymond-James who creates a very dislikeable heavy who selfishly wants to put the crew at risk. The toggle between the storm at sea and the townfolk scenes can drag, but overall, the film is very well done. Pine underplays his part which works quite well as a quiet Yankee. It’s worth the extra cost for IMAX 3D.