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The Final Girls

Original Name: The Final Girls

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Release Date: 13 March 2015


Cast: , ,


The Final Girls is a swell homage love letter to the genre. It elevates its own status with a strong emotional core between mother and daughter, with a solid cast that is hilarious and likeable. It wasn’t until after the movie I realized it was PG-13, which sort of gels with its parodying tone. Characters gets lots of strong characterization and the only gripe I have with this film is that it gets overly stylized by the film’s end. A fight in an abandoned cabin is barely visible, and the most emotional part of the film is maimed by faux lightning flashes that are very invasive. Also, the last minute twist takes away a lot of the emotional punch from earlier. Overall, The Final Girls is a satisfyingly entertaining and fun movie and that is enough for this die hard horror fan. The Final Girls is initially silly and constantly messes horror-movie conventions in a good and funny way. Eventually, it loses its charming madness and what remain are the usual and familiar. Still, it is an effectively hilarious and an affectionate tribute to flicks. A brilliantly made spoof on 80’s films with a Meta twist akin to that of Cabin in the Woods.