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The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Original Name: Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Release Date: 1 November 1974


Cast: , ,


It is 26 May 1828 Whit Monday. A young man appear on the Nuremberg. The approximately 18-year-old mentally retarded apparently, for hours he remains almost word and motionless in one spot. The enigmatic foundling arises later in front of the police station as Kasper Hauser. His vocabulary seems limited and his motor skills are limited. In contrast to the city officials, he indicates that he was as long as he could think of bread and water kept in a narrow dungeon isolated from humanity and without social contacts. The curiosity of the city is larger and it is issued in the sideshow of a circus. The kind-hearted teacher Georg Friedrich Daumer finally takes on its teaching and Kaspar in religion, logic and music. He soon mastered reading and writing as well as the social graces. Theologians, academics and representatives of high society pay attention to the underdogs, while Kaspar tries to find his place in the new life.