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The Dust Storm

Original Name: The Dust Storm

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Release Date: 2016

Director: ,

Cast: , ,


The best part was that it was not a brilliant love story, bright and shiny. E ‘was raw and honest, sometimes funny and heartbreaking at others. As previously revealed in flashbacks, it is clear that is not the most healthy relationships, but as with life, sometimes the heart wants what it wants, whether it is better for us. and now again, years later, both the old and wise, and rediscover each other things that they love. Honestly, I can not say enough about this movie. Touch emotional and provides an overview of how the love that inspires at a time and the first plane. the writing is great and the result is excellent. the film is backdropped by the music scene in Nashville, a place that inspires dreams to realize and is likely to be taken is the perfect place for these two lovers given its history. in addition, a number of original music film and was pleasantly surprised.