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The Choice

Original Name: The Choice

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 5 February 2016


Cast: , ,


Throughout the entirety of the film it had viewers on the edge of their seats. Not one moment throughout the movie was there a predictable scene. In addition to the great acting, the dogs throughout the movie play a key role. The dog’s in the movie develop a relationship which foreshadow’s the relationship between Travis and Gabby. The movie has such great attention to detail and focuses in on certain aspects that are key, such as the beach where they hang out or the movement of the waves or the weather patterns. The movie (story) centers around daily, and long-term choices we all make. Perhaps the topic of “choices” itself is boring, while in reality, it is the most valuable and powerful ability that we, as humans, possess. The film does take extra time to display the subtleties of emotion, but is well worth the care taken. If you’re in a hurry, see this movie when you are not, and you will be rewarded. This is not a “chick flick”, it’s a “people flick”. The film industry should make more movies like this. Go see it. Overall this movie is a must see.