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The Abandoned

Original Name: The Abandoned

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Release Date: 23 February 2007


Cast: , ,


Make no mistake that unlike the previous film The Abandoned is shiny and has stunning photography and a haunting score. What is missing is a true entertainment value or the real sense of the logic. The film works best horribly beautiful scenes and grotesque images that disturb. Some permanently burned into your psyche. But the story of Nacho hair of a young woman who returns to his home country to know their adoptive parents and discovered the terrible truth is not really involved. However, the film with a lot of subtext and symbolism, but it feels like it goes on forever and do not feel as scary as it should be. However, this is a horror movie respectable dull performance and the rhythm is off, but the film is beautiful and works best as a work of art. Some scenes are investigated, but overall not completely successful. But the scenes that are effective and unsettling atmosphere cringe worthy and memorable, but they seem to drop the ball halfway and keep pests in a kind of reward that will never come. But the film gives an interesting picture.