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The 5th Wave

Original Name: The 5th Wave

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 15 January 2016


Cast: , ,


The 5th Wave gets something of a bad rap in certain circles despite the fact that it is certainly not terrible by any means. Part of it has to do with its place in bringing up the tail end of some growing exhaustion with the YA genre. This leads to the feeling that The 5th Wave is simply a series of cliches that we have seen before. This is partly true. It is also partly incomplete as an observation. Every genre has its rhythms and patterns. This does not automatically mean that a particular film warrants criticism simply by nature of being a part of a genre pic. In my experience, The 5th Wave tells a decent story infused with a particular teenage angst and flavor that, when it is not derailing the story at times with superficial romance, reminds us of the genre and audience it is intended for. The source material is actually quite smart behind the teenage attitude and romance. The film has the job of navigating some of the back and forth of the books own pacing and navigates it with some level of success (even if some find it muddied).

The first four waves have already wiped out mass cities (earsplitting shots of vacant Manhattan streets, filled with the back flood water and going down for the accumulation taking place). The on your own survivors are teenagers clinging to cell phones and bottled water whose lives is whipped into concern bearing in mind they are forced into unisex boot camps to defend themselves touching the alien madden. Drugs, radiation, surgery nothing works to rid the body of alien hosts subsequently they avow squatters rights in the human body. They are called others. In the fifth tribute, they will survive once cockroaches. Who will save Cassie? You make me tormented to be human with again, sighs the besotted Evan.