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Ted 2

Original Name: Ted 2

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 26 June 2015


Cast: , ,


When you hear that a great comedy film has made a sequel, you sigh a little. It’s not going to be as good as the original and especially when the chief idea is as brilliant as with Ted. Where could the story go? Well, bizarrely enough, with Ted 2, Seth MacFarlane goes down the civil rights and equality path, something I really didn’t see coming, and it really works. OK, the plot is a bit tacked on but if you liked the first movie and the humour that MacFarlane produces in Family Guy, you’ll certainly find plenty to chuckle at. The humor isn’t subtle, it is niche, unapologetically self-referencing and very near the knuckle. There’s no attempt to soften the style from the first film Ted 2, almost from the opening frames socks you in the gob with jokes that you wouldn’t tell your mother. When Ted and his now wife Tami-Lynn decide that in order to save their marriage, they need to have a baby, they immediately hit a problem: Ted’s lack of the correct anatomy. You can guess where this is heading. Being Seth MacFarlane, you follow exactly that route and then some. This movie, due to the numerous pop-culture references, probably won’t last but while the world world still knows who the Kardashians are, there’s a fair few laughs to be had in it.