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Tamjung Hong Gil-dong: Sarajin Ma-eul

Original Name: Tamjung Hong Gil-dong: Sarajin Ma-eul

Genre: Action

Release Date: 20 May 2016


Cast: , ,


Hong Gil-Dong is a fair-haired master investigator, with hardly one case remaining unresolved. With his cranky nature and his extraordinary memory he has almost always managed to reach the goal. Only the search for the murderer of his mother has now long been on his toes. After years of investigation, however, he seems to have finally found the culprit. However, when he arrives at his house, he finds there only two of his granddaughters who tell him that their grandfather was abducted. Together with the two girls, Hong tries to track down the kidnapped. But when the tracks lead him to a powerful organization, he stumbles into a far bigger and more dangerous case.