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Sweet Movie

Original Name: Sweet Movie

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: 12 June 1974


Cast: , ,


Episode film about two women In virgins contest Miss Canada wins. Your price is marrying the richest man in the world, a dairy industry tycoon. In the honeymoon, the young woman is reluctant however to sexual intercourse and runs away. Reason is the man of the golden penis. She flees to Paris, where he met the singer El Macho know. At the Eiffel Tower, the two have sex together and then stay together. It occurs in a strange community and becomes an actress who works in a chocolate factory. Meanwhile, the revolutionary, pedophile killer Anna Planeta sweets on their boat and sailing her case through the canals of Amsterdam. She meets the seaman Potemkin and the two begin a glowing affair. Your other lovers who are not so lucky as he: She seduces men using their candy and kill them then.