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Original Name: Superfast!

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 3 April 2015

Director: ,

Cast: , ,


The policeman Lucas White infiltrates undercover in a gang of drivers of illicit street racing in Superfast! film, which is led by the ebullient before testosterone Vin Serento. Serento and his worthless comrades want to cut the local gangster boss Juan Carlos de la Sol over the ear, in order to get his money, which he hid in a Taco Bell store in Downtown LA. But at least in the execution reveals her meager plan glaring weaknesses. On this occasion, Friedberg and Seltzer keep their ramblings pop culture coasting to a minimum, preferring to concentrate almost exclusively on the main object of his love. The problem is that it is difficult to make fun of a franchise that has already taken long enough to qualify as self-parody outrageous to be redundant. In fact, one could argue that at this point in the series “Fast and Furious”, Dwayne Johnson can win more laughter to deal with some witty eyebrow arc seconds Friedberg and Seltzer in the extended grace comedy 99 minutes.

It may come as a relief to anyone who makes reference samples with filmmakers to refrain from making a joke about the tragic death of Paul Walker pillar “Fast and Furious”. Moreover, the late actor favors for his signature character Brian O’Conner and Luke White, a secret agent with no traces which must go beyond its European orientation is visible in a multi-ethnic group of car thieves’ illegal auto brokers infiltrated and Bed, Bath & Beyond counterfeiter’s gift. Filmmakers come up with something fun idea to fill the tire with labels only from their general types: Cool Asian guy, cameos rapper and model turned actress. And to give credit where it is due to the supporting players Johnson and Omar gave guarantees for approval smile or two for industrial power play, respectively, a police Hardass oiled stone called Johnson and a Latin ledge American gangster with anger problems.