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Original Name: Stargate

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 28 October 1994


Cast: , ,


Stargate film is the young Egyptologist Dr. Daniel Jackson boasts not just highly regarded in professional circles and is ridiculed by his colleagues for his presumption, the Egyptian pyramids are much older than previously thought. One day, the US military comes up to the Jackson and asks him for his help. In 1928 was salvaged a mysterious artifact in Egypt, a huge stone circle with unusual characters, which should translate the young scientists. His analysis of the inscription, which was not held until then translatable, reveals that there is a stargate that allows a connection can be made to a distant planet. General West recruited Colonel O’Neill, which is to go along with Jackson and some soldiers through the gate to explore the strange world in Stargate. Jackson, who is a stranger, of course, is the man the US government has chosen to locate the translation of hieroglyphs on the signing of the 1928 campaign – the giant stone circle, a Stargate, it is no longer seen by the pyramid builders. Of course, Jackson and Colonel Jack O’Neil (Kurt Russell) are men coming in through the entrance, which led a squad of soldiers had disappeared automatic weapons. It will reveal the discovery of the Stargate, so that you can move directly over the universe and the beginning of a planet can be inhabited by people. What could get recognition? Not a chance. Under the leadership of Colonel O’Neill: “Follow the signs along any effort viable if I can determine, by hitting the Stargate.” The film is for this reason that the note without shock us wisdom through the bleaching of the universe to a subsidiary without fading in an exchange of fire with great men and evil, even if Colonel crafts pumping all the time. (As all the qualities of the film, “Stargate” is a film school. Mission: design peculiar touch that you can think of, and reduce the performance of the fastest playing movie cliches feat. If possible, the sun god Ra Annex, and to ensure that something very real happening dawn in Stargate.