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Original Name: Spy

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Release Date: 22 May 2015


Cast: , ,


Wow What a surprise, Spy is not a boring parody spy movie with cheap laughs, lazy action scenes, terrible script and terrible performances, instead it’s a smart spy movie with funny laughs, entertaining action scenes with great script and engaging performances. Melissa McCarthy’s talent truly shines in this film and she carries the movie on her own, surely Jude Law, Jason Statham and Rose Byrne give us great performances but it’s McCarthy that truly stands out. The villains and the story here are not a big deal but thanks to the combination of clever humor, funny laughs and entertaining action scenes this movie works as a comedy spy movie.

Full of belly laughs and a surprising amount of gore and high-caliber action, this spy spoof upended all my expectations and has made a Feig believer out of me. If this upstart director can do such a fine job with suck a hackneyed premise, then what will he do with the beloved Ghostbusters franchise? Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. This movie stands wonderfully on its own, and a great supporting cast bookended by Jude Law and a Chuck Norris-esque Jason Statham keep the fun rolling. My only gripe is the final third act, where things get a bit TOO on-the-nose, and border on ridiculous, but no matter: Spy is THE action comedy of the year none of us knew we wanted! Watch it now. Don’t miss to watch this magnificent action comedy “SPY” film.