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Solace 2015

Original Name: Solace

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Release Date: 2 September 2016


Cast: , ,


Solace is a polarizing supernatural crime drama that impresses with an intriguing concept, but also disappoints with clichéd references to other movies and an unnecessary load of melodrama. Bolstered by a relatively good chemistry between Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell the movie may be far below the level of the genre classic, but it certainly does not deserve to be fully panned by the critics. John Clancy (Anthony Hopkins) is a retired psychic doctor who used to help the FBI, but quit after the tragic death of his daughter. When his old colleagues approach him with a case of a flawless serial killer, John is challenged to return for one last time. This time, however, it seems that the killer is always one step ahead of even John. In the first half of the movie, Afonso Poyart’s delivery develops as a classic thriller which even though disturbingly resembles the classic Seven still has a captivating power over the viewers. As the mystery is revelead in the second half, Solace turns into an interesting drama with a serious moral dilemma (which I will not mention in order not to spoil the movie) and an excellent on-screen chemistry between Hopkins and Farrell. Unfortunately, the clichés continue and this time the heavy borrowing from other movies goes into the direction of supernatural thrillers, instead of the crime ones.

This actually does not hurt the movie as much as the overly melodramatic final minutes and pretentious camera and visual work, which could have been used for delving deeper into the moral challenges and dilemmas introduced in the story. In the end, Solace is one of those B-thrillers which are not bad at all, but not good enough to escape the mediocrity of some poor directorial decisions. Give it a try, though! It is watchable, intriguing and if you do not pay attention to the small details you will find it even passable.