Snitch Online Free - Megashare


Original Name: Snitch

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 22 February 2013


Cast: , ,


After his 17-year-old son Jason (Rafi Gavron) was wrongly sentenced to ten years in prison for an alleged drug charges, is available for the suburban family man John (Dwayne Johnson) has only one way to save the Filius. The Hard Attorney Joanne Keeghan (Susan Sarandon) offers him the freedom of his son, a so-called “Snitch”: he has to face the authorities as an undercover investigators are available and help them, the drug lord Malik (Michael Kenneth Williams) the craft place. Since he is the operator of a transport company, it is natural for John to can be set by the criminals as a courier driver. Employed fly up in danger, John must destroy the organization from the inside out. In order to refute the verdict against Jason, no risk it is too high and he is not afraid to put his own life at risk.