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Sick of it All 2017

Original Name: Sick of it All

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Release Date: 3 January 2017


Cast: , ,


Sick Of It All guitarist Pete Koller told fanzine up to the anniversary of the band: “Thirty years, well, it was nice, I would not say that a success because we never want to achieve something you regret, what is being done and if something run, then, that “the secret of the longevity of Sick of it All, said Pete” there is no secret about how to keep doing what you’re doing thirty years never said we would do it or continue to play. we found the perfect time for our evil any type of hardcore.Tenemos a certain style, writing has not changed over the years mucho.Yo still a lot of music, but Craig has written a bit “more now, and our music is what comes out of us.”