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Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Original Name: Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Genre: Action

Release Date: 8 April 2016


Cast: , , ,


In the Telugu film, Sardaar Gabbar Singh, the lead actor Pawan Kalyan is a delight to watch, even in the most clichéd scenes, and that’s why his fans love him. He knows how to play to the gallery, in its casual style. And even if aware of his limitations as an actor, pulls his roles with ease. E ‘in terms of his last outing, which is funny in parts of the application, but it is written so lazy that it’s literally a struggle to sit through the film. The story follows the maverick cop Gabbar Singh, who has a great sense of humor, and transferred to the fictional town Rattanpur, where it is oppressive land grabber Bhairav ​Singh and his gang head. just one man against an army of battle, Kalyan offers pages dialogues as a guy who played the lines of a recital contest at school. The story, which very soon will be able to predict the section, reminiscent of the recent Ravi Teja-starter soccer 2 among other films. More than the story, is the scenario that is very sad, and the scenes are arranged in a random fashion, flowing, they never quite as they should. It follows a simple pattern – action, romance, comedy – with big crowd-pleasing moments of Kalyan fans to celebrate. After a point although a particularly severe fan Pa​wan Kalyan will screw into the seat, particularly in the second half. At the end FAG, the film becomes even more annoying with the musical face to face with a rival gang. Kalyan dancing on a few songs, with reference to Veena famous movies of Chiranjeevi’s brother, Indra.