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San’ 75 (Pachattar)

Original Name: San' 75 (Pachattar)

Genre: Thriller

Release Date: August 2016


Cast: , ,


“San Pachattar 75” is a recurrent and major steps last Bollywood thriller film released in theaters July 1, 2016 worldwide. This film is played by Kay Kay Menon, Kirti Kulhari, Tom Alter and Pravesh in the lead roles. Recently, Bollywood actor Kay Kay Menon finally shown on the big screen with the drama “Singh is Bliing,” where he played a villain to hero Akshay Kumar face. As now he comes with the action thriller “San Pachattar 75 ‘to entertain the public. Bollywood director Navneet Behal last thriller San Pachattar 75 ‘is directed, but it is bankroll Kabir Lovee. Probably this story the film revolves around the phone’s invention in India. The last daily drama film released Bollywood ‘San Pachattar 75’ is set in the year 1975 when it approved emergency. This story revolves around the film is the invention of the first mobile phone in India and began the chase behind him. Meanwhile, a phone call secretly recorded, which reveals the wealth of information on money and phone. After that, it began a great persecution to buy technology, operating system, and throughout the country without any acknowledgment. However, the agreement to move the attention of many people, are willing to kill someone to fix the phone. The story is still about how many moves forward with the key players and what will happen next. So watch the film “San Pachattar 75 ‘feel clear mobile offering on the big screen.

Bollywood actor Kay Kay Menon has developed well in the film “San Pachattar 75”. Above all, body language, facial expressions and costumes that is suitable for the role. The film “San Pachattar 75 contains interesting concept for the invention of the telephone. This film is also the emotional scenes with phone finally to make the curiosity movies on the phone. So watch the weekend with him. San’75 Panchattar is a period thriller. The plot of the film revolves around a phone first agreement (prototype) in India, the prince’s initiative, coming from Germany. This agreement is of great importance for intelligence and security, such as RAW, military and police, who are all trying to manipulate others to agree that the key to our future is in control – try to hijack what they are smarter than everyone else. Some of the workers, who are handling two criminal experts used at the same time, reduce the cake. Kay Kay Menon would return with a conventional film titled ’75 San Pachattar. The film is set during the emergency period when the phone first came to India. All controversy and bloodshed that followed shaped the rest of the story. The film is set to begin on 1 July, but the producers of the film decided to postpone the launch of the film at the last moment.