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Original Name: Roots

Genre: Drama, History, War

Release Date: 1977


Cast: , ,


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On the basis of the presence of a family history of Alex Haley, and the withdrawal of African-American life. Kunta Kinte was sold as a slave, was abducted from his village Africa, and will be taken to the United States. Finally, he was arrested, until they are crippled, some will try to escape. He is a married bell for the slaughter of his farm, and sold them to the finals of the girls, Kizzy, I have. Kizzy is to be his son by the new master, the child will grow to be a cockfighter George legendary bird, free to lead his family. Throughout the series, and family occasion in the history of the United States, such as the revolution and civil war, such as a note, the study of the riot worked, and release.