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Romance & Cigarettes

Original Name: Romance & Cigarettes

Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance

Release Date: 2006


Cast: , ,


Nick is an ordinary worker in a New York suburb, steel fixers. Along with the beautiful seamstress Kitty, he has three daughters. But over the years is gradually flattened Nick and Kitty’s relationship. So Nick is always looking for refuge with prostitutes. One of the beauties curb it has him especially pleased. The red-haired-fiery Tula makes him always beautiful eyes. Nick is fascinated by the younger woman who manages to get him with obscenities and Cockney slang mad. But Kitty is suspicious and jealous. His affair with the prostitute so puts him immediately before an important decision: Should he fight for his wife, for whom he still has feelings, or should he indulge fully his young lover?