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Original Name: Rocky

Genre: Drama, Sport

Release Date: 3 December 1976


Cast: , ,


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What makes the film a wonderful admiration not immediately think of original twists and subsequent complications, difficulty you want respect, and sometimes less than the desired level? It is really out of the tournament and realizes their potential, with more or less sticks better, and his wife. It does not seem cliché, but do not go hand-trivial step – and then it’s not, not a bit, because in fact the face of these challenging levels. We are involved emotionally, it makes us commit ourselves: to give our opinion, maybe to our surprise after enduring many movies, that this period is important for us. This defense must be overcooked by communication. Many of these will antiquity Stallone wrote this report, as well as sold to the King of Hollywood years can be sold again. He must have known that the extension that he himself had aired in the role, and I am convinced that he is busy adapting and I cannot think of options, which can be caused by all this emotional impact is an actor War Action. Went there exciting time Stallone, training and competitions that take place Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, jumps on the environment, shook his fist in the city, and you know you have to send a message to the molten film industry.