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Real Steel

Original Name: Real Steel

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 7 October 2011


Cast: , ,


The impossible challenge of fierce robot SF real blockbuster Robot Fighter figured draw the world of boxing begins! 2020. Open boxing arena filled with a hot crowd. Unfold a breathtaking fight in the ring. They are human, not a robot boxer! Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman minutes) is a former boxer failed title challenge to champion, the giant robots are 2m 50cm over a whopping 900kg live in an age that dominates the square ring. Charlie now have become a third-rate promoter creates a lump of scrap metal purchased only by Lee-earned money into a robot boxer, trying to recover and escape from the world of underground boxing. Charlie fell into hell is teamed with a far distance his son had been away from Max (Dakota calm) to create a challenger to participate in the competition and train. A ring of cruel and inhumane square in the background, Charlie and Max sets out the final challenge for recovering despite all adversity. The film is <Night at the Museum "series, directed by Shawn Levy and the served as director.