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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Original Name: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Genre: Action, Adventure

Release Date: 12 June 1981


Cast: , ,


1936 archaeologist Dr. Henry Indiana Jones is commissioned by the American secret service, to search for the fabled Ark of the Covenant. After confidential information and the Nazis are searching for the Ark of the Covenant in order to create with their supernatural powers an army of super soldiers. Dr. Jones is intended to prevent and bring the ark to safety before the Nazis can be reached. With the help of his ex-girlfriend Marion and an Egyptian allies enters Indy to Cairo. There he discovers that stand the Nazis led by the ruthless Toht shortly before the discovery of this object. When Marion is kidnapped, Indy has no choice. He sneaks into the camp of the enemy and tries to escape with the Ark and Marion in a match.